Get A Grip

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Row 1000m or run 800m or Bike for 5 minutes

once everyone is done play the Cone game (3-5 minutes)

Skill Work

Coach reviews POP for all lifts: DL, squat clean, front squat, push press, push jerk

With light weight practice the complex on coaches “go” – Use this time as a warm up as well

Metcon (Time)

Teams of 2 must complete 100 repetitions of the following COMPLEX: (95/65)

1 deadlift

1 squat clean

1 front squat

1 push press

1 push jerk

READ carefully: the weight CANNOT touch the floor! Obviously it will hit the floor for a split second during the DL and squat clean, but you are not to rest the bar on the floor.

The partner who hands the bar off must immediately run 400m before he or she may receive the weight back from his or her partner.

If you are a female/male team the bar can only be put down as the other person picks theirs up .

ONCE again…the bar may NEVER rest on the ground. If you are tired and cannot lift anymore you must hold the bar while your partner runs….

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