Loose as a Goose

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586 CrossFit Asylum – CrossFit

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Warm-up (No Measure)

15-20 min Recovery Run/Row/Bike


2 min each

Lat Smash

Trap Smash

Pec Smash

Quad Smash

Couch Stretch


Core Work

3 Rounds

10 Barbel Rollouts

15 Weighted Sit-ups

20 Turn Down For what (10 Per side)

Shoulder Stability

3 Rounds

15 Wide Row to ext rotation

50ft OH Kb Carry each Side

15 Wall Slides

Gymnastic Strength

HSPU Training

If you are working towards your first Strict HSPU this will be your first workout and can be repeated a couple times a week I will have a new workout in the up coming weeks.

First you need to be able to get into a handstand with the wall for support second you need to be able to perform 20 ( with good form) Pike Push-ups on the box.

Your Lvl 1 workout will be 5×5 Seated DB Press ( on floor legs out infront of you), 3×10 Push-ups( if you can’t do real push-ups scale to your level and build up to it) 5 Wall Walks

Lvl 2 (Working to get first HSPU) 5×5 Negative HSPU ( Done As slow as possible), 3×15 HSPU Shrugs 3×10, Deficit Pike HSPU on box, 10 Wall Walks

Lvl 3 (Building HSPU Volume) 5×5 Negative Deficit HSPU ( can build in height over time), 3 Rounds ME Strict HSPU immediately followed by ME Kipping HSPU ( do not come off wall till done with both), 3×20 HSPU Shoulder Shrugs, 15 Wall Walks

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