Our Founders

Jim and I were considered “crazy” by the members and employees of the globo-gym we used to frequent. People were unaccustomed to our exercise program, intensity and commitment. We knew there had to be others like us seeking a positive environment for highly intense, functionally based exercise instead of the “today is chest and back day” routine. So, we decided to create and establish that environment. Where are those who are considered crazy committed? To an asylum! Our name was born!

In addition to superlative physical fitness, we’re dedicated to fostering a spirit of community. Our workouts are performed in a group atmosphere that encourages camaraderie, enthusiasm and

yes, friendly competition. 586 CrossFit Asylum actually wants our members to regularly show up for workouts as opposed to simply paying their monthly dues and staying at home. This is consistent with the overall CrossFit philosophy. As a participating member of 586 CrossFit Asylum you will become part of an ever growing population of health and fitness zealots around the world! You will be a part of something much bigger than yourself!