We all can benefit from coaching. Professional athletes make extensive use of coaches to hone their skills. Elite military units continuously receive coaching to improve the execution of their duties. Therefore, doesn’t it make sense for those in the pursuit of optimal physical performance to enlist a coach?

Even those of us with multiple years of fitness experience, schooling and participation tend to become set in our training philosophy. CrossFit’s broad, inclusive and general approach to elite fitness ensures you will always be challenged and rewarded for your best efforts. Some workouts will be right in your groove. Others will contest physical skills you never even thought about developing. Please know that as coaches we design ALL of our workouts with optimal results in mind.

Yes, even your coaches receive coaching! We believe in continually improving our knowledge base and putting that knowledge into action. We have had the privilege of training under the expertise of CrossFit coaches from across the United States. Dave would personally like to acknowledge Joe DeGain of 810 CrossFit in Grand Blanc, MI and Erik Arevalo of CrossFit Brea at Virtus Training in Brea, CA for their wisdom, patience and especially their enthusiasm for mentoring a fellow CrossFitter!