James Dockeray

CFL2 Certified
CrossFit Kids Certified
Rocktape FMT Level 1, Level 2 Certified
National Personal Training Institute Certified Personal Trainer
CPR and First Aid Certified
“The American Ninja”

Hey, I’m Jim. Thank you for checking out 586 CrossFit Asylum!

Let me tell you a little about my background and approach to physical fitness. I graduated from the National Personal Training Institute in 2006 and have been teaching and training individual and group fitness activities since.

My clients have ranged from people who have never applied a plan to getting in shape to contestants in fitness events varying from posing competitions to marathons.

Whatever type of client I’m working with, my favorite part of the relationship is helping people push past what they thought were their physical limitations and achieve visible results. I’m involved in mixed martial arts with experience in Tae Kwon Do, American Karate, wrestling, boxing and submission grappling.

I have one sanctioned MMA match on my resume and may look for more in the future.

My involvement in MMA has built my knowledge of strength, stamina, flexibility, agility and balance: all pieces of CrossFits’ ten elements of fitness.

To me, setting, chasing and accomplishing fitness goals is one of the most worthwhile past times around.  Getting into shape can be tough sometimes.  But the effort should always include some fun!

If you have a similar desire then come visit 586 CrossFit Asylum. We want you to be part of our fitness community!